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Frequently asked questions

Yes of course we can provide barriers for your parking areas with key fobs and security card recognition.
Yes, the safety of your staff is our primary concern and they have complete control of whom enters/exits the building.
Yes, with security systems becoming more sophisticated we can set up a control room within your building that can observe in real time as well as record incidents as they happen.
Yes of course the handling of cash within any business is of great importance and we can provide security monitors that can observe what staff are doing with cash register.
Yes, we can provide buildings with key fobs so that residents and work colleagues can have easy access to apartments and secure access to their premises, with an auto lock function on main doors for maximum security.
Theft of machinery when sites are under construction has become a problem in recent years, we can provide GPS trackers for machinery whereby we can monitor your machinery at all times.
Safety within the workplace is fundamental requirement for any business these days and a requirement by law to have the highest of standards within the workplace. At Quirke security we provide full safety systems as well as regular servicing of equipment throughout the year, providing you with peace of mind that your systems are fully operational.
Our primary focus is to prevent intruders getting into your home, to do this we use shock sensors on the windows and doors, should an intruder enter your home, We use motion sensors for detection of entry. There are a wide variety of options and our technicians will be only happy to run over a system that best suits you.
Yes our remote controls are very user friendly enabling you to turn on/off the alarm from within and outside your home.
Yes of course. Whether the CCTV be from around your property or from the gates entering your property you can see who is coming and going at all times.
Yes, we can record external footage from CCTV this is sent to a recording physillity and stored for up to 6 months. You are entitled to request this at any time.
Yes we can provide tracking devices for machinery and vehicles recovering stolen goods in the event of this happening.
Yes we can provide safes securely in your home enabling you to secure important document or hardware memory devices cash or any other goods you wish to protect.
Yes we can provide panic buttons which trigger the alarm and the monitoring station providing immediate response from your keyholders.
We provide wireless alarm systems as well as wired systems so we can install a wireless system into your home, however if it is a wired system you require we can provide all the wiring as all our technicians are qualified and certified electricians.
Depending on the type of system for your home and the scale of your house it should only take a few hours to have the system up and running.

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